Saturday, 11 December 2010

Just over 50%

Sounds good that 50% doesn't it, shame it was a loss to my bank because I couldn't help myself but go in-play. It all started at lunchtime when I layed a horse for £10 got it wrong but got out one tick down, tried again market went right down, so I thought lets switch stakes to£100 and make the ticks up back backing it down and hedging up the green, obviously as soon as I put my £100 back bet in the market rebounded and I was -£7 on all runners, so my plan was to lay the horse for £10 and to green up in-play, plan never worked and I am back to the start of November in terms of bank size.

Very disappointed with myself, discipline went out of the window and I seemed to break every rule I've ever made.

Bal CF £50.55

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