Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Starting too early

Today was going well, happily scalping my through the markets, when Southwell was abandoned but I thought never mind we can carry on with just one meeting and I did and went straight on and got in to the 1350 @ Lingfield way before the market had formed properly and went from one horse to the next getting it totally wrong and ended the race -£10.99 on any runner. It affected me a bit as I haven't lost like that before and hedged it other wise it would have been pretty bad on each of the runners. Luckily th eday was nearly over as I scaled the markets in the next race for a £1 or so and then put in a lay bet and left it, had it won I would have lost about £40 for the day, needless to say it lost and my losses for the day are £2.75.

I learn't two lessons today

  1. Set a limit on the max loss per race, if it happens- close market and move on to next race
  2. Don't get involved in the markets to early, I must wait until at least 10 minutes before the race is due to start before I start putting bets into the market.
Didn't trade the last race and went out and bought a Christmas tree for our house

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