Friday, 31 December 2010

Business as usual

Business as usual, as usual as in the fact that since the last time I posted I have blown my bank all the way down to about £2.20. Since then I have backed a few short priced favs in the horses and worked my way back to about £7 odd last week, since then I have traded the horses making between 2p and 5p per race and my bank now is £11.56, I have stopped trading for today because I have already done 20 markets and I am not feeling like I am concentrating enough. Anyway I have looked through my records and my spreadsheet tells me I am     -£9 for the year and my bank at its highest was £264 and that was at then end of feb, fair to say that in a year I haven't learn't a great deal so it looks like I will have to stop going inlay and learn to accept losses and hopefully one day the good times will come.

Currently reading a book called 'Self discipline in ten days', lets see how I feel on 11th of Jan.

Good luck Happy new year and keep it green

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