Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Little gain for little effort

Traded a few races over the last couple of days- nothing spectacular by any standard but its another day forward. Current bank size now £13.35 and growing, it shows me that trading is something that is a slow game and takes patience, practice and discipline.

I have stopped making trading my sole focus, and have realised that if I miss a day or a few races,  I think to myself that its OK as I have always got another day to carry on and try again. This has made me feel more relaxed about the whole thing. Rather than trying to rush and keep to a strict percentage growth spreadsheet

Steady growth is the key and couple of steps forward each day will do me, lets see what 2011 holds.

I am not going to posted screen shots of p+l daily any more, for two reasons

  1. Its boring to look at my £1 or less profit
  2. I will keep it to end of month reports.
Until next time good luck

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