Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday trading laws

Sunday trading laws, as in sods law that the only screen pic I did all afternoon, the horse was withdrawn just before the start, I didn't realise for sometime but I only noticed because of the missing amount in the P+L.

Today was very different to previous ones I have had recently, I started trading in good time for the first race and did OK for me (30p), after that I made £1.17 then lost a similar amount in the next race, after an hour of trading I was back to square one and I could feel I was trying to do too much, I was feeling in my mind something along the lines of 'if I'm not in the market I'm not making money' this attitude was leading to make too many mistakes. So I took a breather and missed  out a race, came back feeling refreshed and took the next 15 races by storm with a 30p average and ended the day with £4.95.
What I can read from today's experience is to

  • Try and run before I can only just walk
  • Keep my feet on the ground
  • Remember what kind of target I have in mind and don't try to bust my bank getting there.


Keep it green

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