Saturday, 22 January 2011

Finished what I started earlier

Came back to the pc and did some of the later races and came out on top with a 3.2% increase in the trading bank today. Total in betfair is now £61.04, not that bad actually when I look at my spreadsheet, I have nearly doubled my balance in a week. Back tomorrow for some more, Patience is the key.

Keep it green


  1. Hi Steve,
    Just started to follow you on twitter, i like the your out look, you come acroos well.
    I used to bet the horses, and did fairly well with out setting the world alit, boxing as my game an i will have a decent bet when the price is right, i also like football inplay markets.

    Anyway Steve i'll keep reading your up dates from now on, all the best ybsteam.

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    Good luck

  3. Nearly doubled bank in a week, thats brilliant, actually the inverse of me, I can reduce a bank of €400 to 0 in seconds, wish I had your ability and mental approach. Without giving too much away, what do you do for a living ?

  4. Hi Average Guy,
    I am currently unemployed or full time newbie betfair trader, depends how you look at it, I used to build military aircraft until David Cameron decided that we didn't need them any more, so nothing spectacular. I have been on betfair for a few years and was getting sick of going through cycles of building up my bank and blowing it all by being greedy and going inplay to get that extra little bit of cash, so since I lost my job I have decided that I will spend more effort on not losing and less on just trying to put more money into my account. I have found that not focussing on winning has made some difference, but you still want a return for your efforts and at the moment I am happy with the small returns I am generating.

    Thanks for the comment



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