Thursday, 27 January 2011

Made a bit more money on the exchange today

Well when I say a bit, I mean more like 15% of bank today and it feels like a good return for sitting here watching ladders go up and down all day. I suppose that I only feel this confident as its something I can do everyday, at the moment that is, I think I would rather be in full time employment than living off what I have, but hopefully I can tip the balance and start taking a 'wage' so to speak, I mean even if I was withdrawing just £15 a day, its £450 at the end of the month, and obviously hopefully it wont stay at £15 a day if I am also trying to increase my bankroll by 1% a day.
Apart trading does anyone else you use Matched betting to supplement there bank growth as I have done most of the offers a few years ago, but I see BET365 have daily promo where they refund your stake if you lose, so is there a way of over/under laying on betfair to guarantee a profit, sure its something I have read in the past but don't know where.

Anyway that's me rambling on I went through today quite well but came a cropper a few races before I stopped as I lost £1.54 on one race, is tiredness kicking in, over confidence creeping in or me just being lazy? I think I am going to start making myself take break every hour and half I think just refresh myself.


Keep it green

I posted an article on this blog today, you can navigate to it from the title bar at the top of the page.

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