Thursday, 20 January 2011

Every days a winner

Well what I actually mean is I have won now consistently for some time now and that's how it feels. Today I took a loss on a race and sometimes I will let it go out of my head and move straight onto the next race and sometimes I can feel it in the back of my mind niggling away like 'it took x number of races to make that profit and its go in one race' cutting my losses earlier is one thing I need to pay more attention to.
It feels like you need to do a pretty good balancing act with your mind to be consistent-

  • Too cautious or getting in too early
  • over confident or too reserved.
I can be all of them in the same afternoon, sometimes I think I can feel like that in race, only experience will improve that.

I know my stakes aren't exactly in there with the big time traders, but having traded every day now for a few weeks, Christmas has gone and the kids are back at school, I can definitely feel that trading is becoming part of my daily routine and lets hope it continues.

keep it green

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