Thursday, 13 January 2011

Green, but not as planned

Today even though I made over 20% profit on my bank from trading horses, I can't help but feel disappointed with myself, the reason is that half of my profits came from staying in play at the beginning of a race and scalping the market for a few ticks, sounds easy but I know too well that if a horse makes a good start and leads start to finish my lay first technique is going to bust my bank.

As I mentioned yesterday it really is a small amount to aim for on a horse race, so why can't I focus on that and be happy with it.
I will be back on it tomorrow having read nearly all of my book- 'self discipline in ten days;, I recommend it to anyone who occasionally find themselves in the same boat as me, even though I can't say it has affected my judgement yet, but reading the information in it, when its queit and away from the trading environment, it just juumps out at you, there are loads of light bulb type moments while reading it.

Anyway I found it online and here is a link for those interested- self discipline in ten days

Bank now £33.06

Goodluck and keep it green

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