Friday, 28 January 2011

Trading - Friday close bring new highs

Really feel like I am getting into the swing of this new trading routine, that I have got going here each day, its goes like this

  • Scalp a horse and hedge
  • Assess the market for any gaps
  • Decide whether to get involved or minimise the race
  • Wait for Countdown clock to sound, (those with The Geeks Toy know what I am waiting for)
  • Close race and move onto the next
The pic I posted kind of contradicts what I have just wrote as I was trading away and had a loss on one horse and had moved to another one, when as soon as I placed my lay bet the market spiked upwards and I closed for a bigger than average profit, my trading bankroll is nearing £100 and I am concious of being at such a milestone as previously I have struggled with the increased staking and bigger losses to face, they are the same size losses proportional but obviously have a greater value when using bigger stakes. So I will see how I go over the next few weeks.

Total profit today was £11.20 from an £87 bank, not bad returns that I think.

Keep it green


  1. Great profit - good to see the hard work is paying off.

  2. Cheers METS, thanks for the encouragement.


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