Sunday, 30 January 2011

Bigger stakes = bigger returns or bigger losses

Today I learn't two lessons, one more important than the other-

  1. As stakes increase, so do the size of losses.
  2. Don't trade when you was out all day and night on the previous day.
I have logged out of The Geeks Toys and decided that I will accept what has happened and will not be trading on the day after a few too many beers again.

People say there two kinds of trades in this game- those that give you money and those that give you information. Thanks for the info lol

As I have worked hard at trading to get to £100 I am not going to risk it, so I am treating today as a day off and I still managed to turn a profit, even it was only 41p, still better than a down day

Good luck

Keep it green


  1. just wondering how you have the matched bets showing up on the ladder, is this the toy or another program ?

  2. yes mate this is the geeks toy, its one of the options i think its in the ladder set u


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