Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Half Century in the bag

I have had a big 'light bulb' moment today, I traded on The geeks toy as usual and started trading in the last ten minutes before the race starts, as you may have already read on my blog I have a target in mind for each race, and today I found that once I reached my goal for each race, I was minimizing the ladder screen so that the clock would still count down, and instead of trying make more cash (or being greedy) I filled my time on twitter, facebook or a forum, basically something else until the time was right to start in the next market.

I traded most of the races today, right up to the point where Betfair went down, I don't know my final balance for today, but I am certain that I had no open positions when it crashed. Hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow and I will try the same technique again.

I made well over my 5% target today, just hope I can keep it up and keep going, at the end of the month I am going to lower the target per day to 4% for the whole of Feb and then at the start of march, I am going to try and keep it at 4% a day, but only increasing my bank by 1%  and withdrawing the rest of the days profit.

To sum up, the main thing I have learn't today is- Patience

Keep it green

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