Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Seriously need to concentrate

I seriously need to concentrate at all times, I traded 23 markets today and made £5.15 profit, the only negative I can take from the day is losing focus part way through the day as I made a series of losses with the highest of £2.30, this made a massive dent in my daily profit, something I will have to pay attention to in the future, I had a good look over the geeks toy forum between races today good info over there and a good laugh at the same time as being a professional outfit.

On top of making ten times bigger losses that my average return per race I could  feel myself being greedy and trying to strike gold, but I'm sure its something I will get on top of as the figures involved get bigger and now that the return is starting to feel worthwhile. I have be writing lists to myself about what makes a good trader, in an effort to drill home the qualities that are needed as a sports trader.


Keep it green

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