Monday, 17 January 2011


First may I say thanks, to the guys who commented on my previous post, really appreciate the feedback to the question I asked.
I feel a bit more prepared when it comes to pre race horse trading, understanding that we can't and won't make money in every market we enter, being prepared to accept a loss or a scratch trade, but also being happy with my decision as I know that I will have an opportunity to make some more cash on the next market.
I am most definitely able to break down my daily target into bite size chunks, i.e. with the horse racing I try and break it down into 21 bite size chunks, sometime I will make it and sometimes I wont- but that's trading.

I traded yesterday and today, making good returns on both days.
At the moment I am happy with the 3-5% a day, but I am going to start taking a wage so to speak, the only reason is that I want to start to feel like I am getting a return for my efforts(looking at my spreadsheet I aim to have over £200 in my trading bank by the end of Feb) I am going to start off taking around £5 a day or whatever I make that day -1% because I still want my bank to grow each day and still take a return for myself, I suppose its just about finding the right balance.

Goodluck Keep it green

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