Sunday, 27 February 2011

Betfair trading day

So today was the second day back since my short break away from betfair, nothing significant to report about the trading was pretty standard effort from myself, I managed to add £1 to my account which in terms of bank size is quite a decent amount, I am currently looking for around 7.5% a day return as I was advised in this post from Steve, obviously this is a target to be aiming for but I must let that my decision making processes throughout the trading day, but I reckon I should have £100 by the end of March.

Good game from the Carling Cup Final- I had it on in the background, was impressed that Birmingham won it and not the gunners, although I would like them to do well against Barca in the CL this week as it would be good to the Spanish team go out, this is the view from a Man Utd fans point of view anyway. Just going back to the Carling cup I had green on the winners market of the competition but I can see when or where I have been paid out on it as there was retained commission and nothing else in my P+L for football, may send an email to Betfair about it.

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