Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Improving the discipline in trading

Having wrote a lot about having discipline when trading, I managed to stick my thought process throughout the whole days trading, my aim today was to increase my bank by 7.5%, something which was mentioned to me a few posts back, it only works out at a couple of pence per race, but more important than the money was being able to stick to my goals and more importantly not going in play to try and recover losses.

I made a total of £1.88 from a bank of £21.92 using 10% stake, not a massive amount but satisfying to me as at least it shows a profit and its a step forward, the only bad thing its one of many steps that I need to take, thats in terms of personal development along with bank growth. Having such a small bank is a bit disillusioning as only one week ago my bank was £143, I have withdraw £40 so thats a pretty substantial loss over one week but its all a learning curve as they say.


  1. Hi,

    I think it is important to stick to a basic format. A disciplined approach is a positive to any gambler and although it is tempting to push things forward, they often related to bigger losses and frustration. They usually lead people back to their original position which is telling you to stick to the basics because they give a strong foundation to work from. They also give you something to measure your progress,thoughts and ways to increase your profits with small steps. If not, everything can become erratic and it is all too easy to lose focus. I think you have learned some valuable lessons which will see you well in the future.


  2. Yes mate you are right, discipline is the key but I always find myself trying to do too much too soon and don't give myself time to adapt to the new stakes and think is also greed, so I think I just need to be a little more self aware of what I want and what I am looking for in trading.




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