Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Determination and Self Belief Needed When Trading on Betfair

I know that I would need determination as a sports trader to take it further, maintaining your focus to get your goal is the key, but sometimes when you are only winning 6 or 7p per race its hard to see how you are ever going to get there.
I have always started a days trading on by betfair by working out what my target increase in bank growth will be and then dividing that by the number of horse races that day.
Once we get to the small figure and it is a small one, I can easily make that amount with one scalp trade on a horse race and divide up the profit so I win no matter what the result. Then move onto the next race, typically there are twenty one races a day and once we have got through all of them we would have a tidy little sum to add to our bankroll, I normally aim for 5% a day, at this rate of daily increase I will double my bank roll in fifteen trading days.
So there you have it, no matter what we want to achieve on betfair or even in any part our lives, as long as we take a step forward every day, even if its a little one, we will reach our goal we have aimed for in the end, and that's how we can all succeed at what we want to.


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  2. I am still following your Blog despite our disagreement regarding your adverts but I have to say Steve I just am not getting it.
    You appear to have withdrawn your bank (which was a very small one at that) as it is needed elsewhere; this in itself does not look good as if a couple of hundred quid is that important to you then surely you should not be trading on the exchanges?
    Now you are posting as if you are still trading and this all looks a bit odd?

  3. Hi Neil these are previous articles I have written about trading, so I thought I may as well post them and I will begin trading again soon enough, but thanks for the concern.



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