Monday, 14 February 2011

Not a good day

I started by withdrawing £40 today,before I started trading, as recently my trading habits have suggested to me that I am due a big loss and I was right, trading away happily when I was hit by a steamer, deep down it all comes down to my ability to accept a loss, so the biggest and only loss today was £16.95, not easy to take with my tiny trading bank that I now have left, I went on to profit in most of the remaining races, but it doesn't really matter when I am now only making 10-20p a race. This will take me a long time to recover and hopefully I may learn a few things a long the way.

As I have said in previous posts my expectations are consistently getting the better of my discipline and that is going to get me no where fast. Tonight I am going to a good read on self discipline and personal development, maybe dig out the trading books I have, to see if it jogs anything in my mind.

I have had successful periods in the past and would like to have them again, if I don't get the hang of being patient amongst other things then it could be the end of horse race trading for me.

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