Saturday, 5 February 2011

What a day on the betfair site

I thought I ought to give an update of todays efforts before it gets to late, well the to start with the API didn't do any of us any favours, even now when I try and log in to get my account balance to see what my final Profit total is, I know its in the region of £6, so even after I have worked out what a 3% increase would be, is it worth withdrawing the remaining £2 odd I don't think so, not even enough for one pint never mind three ;-).

Still its a step forward and green is green, and I'll take that any day of the week.

Apology accepted Cassini, before moving on and leaving that matter in traders history, I feel there are a lot of new traders trying to crack betfair trading who would be happy to make £10 a day to start off with. So I think its something of a parody for a beginner- everybody wants to withdraw money and everybody wants a big trading bank as well, something I will have to accept and try to maintain my determination for the long term.

Hopefully betfair will be back up tomorrow

Good luck

Keep it green

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