Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Missing the buzz of sports trading

Today I thought to myself, I miss the buzz of trading on betfair, but that lead me to thinking I shouldn't be missing the 'buzz' I should be missing the lost opportunities to try and make money from betfair trading, maybe this is why I haven't be as successful as I have hoped in the past, maybe I am trading for the wrong reasons sometimes, I know when I am sat here trading away, taking scalps race after race, it gets quite boring and then boom it goes bad, the odds go seriously against me and I can't face getting out for a loss equal to the profit of the last couple of races, this is where the buzz comes from for me anyway, but to be a consistently profitable trader in the long run, I will have to accept trading is boring and should focus on the money aspect that's coming in and accepting losses along the way rather than waiting for it to go tits ups and provide me with a bit of entertainment while I try and earn it back through inplay betting. 90% of the time it will be OK but the remaining 10% always go on to cost you a substantial part of of your bank, but the theory is always easier that the practical.
Why would we 'gamble' two or three days profit instead of accepting a loss that we could get back in the next three races, is it because everybody likes to see positive figures in their P+L and to accept a loss is like taking a step backwards, anyway that's something I will be thinking about over the next few days before I try my hand at trading again


  1. Then just play inplay betting? It is the most exciting sports betting and like what you said you earn back what you lost in inplay betting quickly. It's more profitable.

  2. Maybe something I will look at in the future-cheers


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