Saturday, 19 February 2011

Man Utd 2nd XI

I watched the FA cup game this evening, Man Utd v Crawley, it was obvious when the draw was made that fergie would put out a weakened side, but the performance that was on show from Man Utd players especially Bebe and Obertan was a joke, they are not even good enough to get into the Crawley team, towards the end of the second half I wanted to them to equalise as I didn't feel like we deserved to go through on that performance, but you can't take anything away from the visitors they really played well and didn't seem to overwhelmed with it all. But I suppose a win is a win and with Chelsea going out today, our chances may improve and Sir Alex may start playing players that are more capable that the shower of s£$% that was out there today. I considered backing Man U in the match odds as I thought it would be like free money, but decided against it when the odds in the morning were 1.11 drifted out to 1.19 I knew that would of been down to team news, so not really the walk over that everyone predicted and wouldn't have felt like free money at all having to wait until the 90th minute or laying off wouldn't have been worth it as you are already taking a gamble to start with, so I wouldn't of wanted to lose any of the profit by laying off or hedging, never mind that's all hind sight as I am not really up to speed with football although I want to get back involved sooner rather than later, but for the moment I will stick with the horses before branching out.

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