Sunday, 20 February 2011

The magic of the cup

Today I watched Man City v Notts County and for the first half I believed that County had a chance and I suppose the final score didn't really reflect the whole game, but the number of second half goals would of been a traders delight for those who lay U4.5 goals at half time, I'm sure they would of made a few pound profit for not a lot of risk. Since the draw has been made for the next round Arsene Wenger has come out and said that Arsenal have a good chance of beating Man Utd should they be able to see off the O's, I know Man Utd found it difficult yesterday but that wasn't exactly the first team display from us, surely Arsene should be focussing on the next game in the cup rather than saying this that and the other because if fergie did it he would be straight on his back.
I see betfair went down again today and by looking around the forums I see many people had open positions in both horse races and football markets, I see a lot of Full time traders saying that you should have second accounts at Betdaq I can see the positives for having two accounts, two reasons- firstly the extra free bet and secondly you can carrying trading, but my second point is a funny one as lets say betfair goes down and you are not aware of your full position or you have put in a lay or a back, how do you if it was matched and therefore how do you know how much to lay off on betdaq, but if it happened pre KO I'm sure you could comfortably trade a match on the betdaq site or with betangel for betdaq. Bit miffed I have no money in Betfair at the moment, but looking forward to getting back into it soon enough.

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