Wednesday, 2 February 2011

That another fine day

Another typically standard day scalping betfair markets, I like scalping and locking in the profit but sometimes its seems like a lot of effort for little return, especially when you are scalping one tick at time and then you end up on the wrong side of a four tick loss, it takes a lot of work to get back to neutral position and then scalp a bit more for a profit.
I do find myself very reserved in the market and I try to limit my time from the 10 minutes to about 5 minutes before the race starts, but if I find myself in a losing position I will scalp away until I am green or the red is small enough for me to accept, but sometimes it takes me right to the wire and I need to improve my discipline in a few areas,be happy with what I have achieved and try to wait until the race and don't get greedy.

I made over 10% in trading today a very good return, not sure I can keep up 10% a day as I am on a £10 stake at the moment, so as the bank increases, the percentage value will decrease even if I maintain £10 a day, but £10 a day is still worth shouting about.

Good Luck

Keep it green

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