Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Well following yesterdays massive loss I have come back from the markets with a 7% gain, obviously 7% gain of £62 is a bit different to 58% loss of £142 but its a step back on the long road we all face. I have had my bank over a £100 many times and each time I have lost it it has been because I do silly things to try and keep it there when something goes wrong, ie a losing trade, not content with redding up I risk it by going inplay to keep my bank where it is, but why cant I apply the same principle that I used with trading that got me there in the first place?

Don't know if that's a question I am looking for answer from anyone or a statement I'm making to myself, but something I have to think about if I am going to get anywhere past the £100-£200 mark.

Had an awkward request today, it was made by comment through this blog, I don't if anyone else had the same, I am not going to name them, but seriously when someone is asking for money to trade with, I think you need to take some time out and have a rest from trading.

Keep it green


  1. Hi, mind exchanging links?


  2. Yeah sure mate, isn't 100k a lot to aim for ? to begin with


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