Monday, 6 February 2012

Day Eleven

I am writing this post as I trade the Liverpool v Spurs game tonight.

Time 1950-Pre KO

So pre match trading has set me up for a good trade on the 2-1 scoreline which I will be backing up with some cover on the U1.5 goals, I am in profit with no goals and bigger profit with a couple of goals to get to the 1-1 or 2-0 scoreline thus voiding the U1.5 and laying off the 2-1 at much lower odds.

2020 - 20 Minutes gone and I have now laid off my U1.5, so no liability on O1.5 and still green on U1.5 to match the red of £2.20 on CS markets, so currently have minimum risk of two quick goals to Spurs or betfair going down.If no goals before HT I plan to scalp CS @ Ht and get rid of the red on CS so just left with two green books and waiting to lay.

(As a side note and while I have time to type , I will be scalping the CS with £100 stakes, not proportional to the trade but this is the level I will be staying with until my bank reaches around £500)

I got distracted with my youngest daughter and have missed the boat with the HT scalping but have gone ahead and got involved looking on the wrong side of -£4 but will give until the end of HT to red up, gone back in on the 1-1 trying to get a tick down from10-9.8 didnt get matched.

2nd half I have back 0-0 and 1-1 for £5 each  with a view to lay off the 0-0 at 2 (this could be a learn exercise tonight. ie stick to the plan and follow it)

71 Minutes gone and still no goals, I have laid off the 0-0 for -£6.38 any score except 1-1 £40 and 2-1 £51, as it stands still no goals and overall loss is now £4.12.

80 Minutes gone and 2-1 is way out to 200 to back now, little hope of laying that off now.

90 mins gone and just laid the 0-0 for £10 @ 1.2, looking for a late goal to recover the trade.

FT and it ends 0-0 a losing trade but you cant win them all. Looking back I should left the U1.5 to run through till HT and greened/redded up both markets and called it quits as it would have a profit given I already had 4% green on any score but never mind, like I say its an educational day.

In other news I did trade a few races (£3.45 green) to offset some of the red but lets count today as more of an education than a day of profit

End of day -£2.60, but the mental side was worth a lot more.

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