Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ten straight demotions

If I were a football team, I would feel like I had been demoted down through ten leagues in one season, however I am not but what I am is a wannabe sports trader on betfair, one who is now trading with a bank of just under £30 with a stake of £3 whereas a not so long ago I had £289 and was trading with 5% of that each day.(Negaitvity over, move on)

It takes a lot longer to earn it back than it did to lose it. But I'm am glad as its presented me with further evidence that not sticking to the plan and by deviating from it doesn't work.

Sports trading/betting/gambling is a slow long term game and I have began to realise this over the last few days, as when I try to rush I find myself building up with tension, therefore I am now limiting myself to just one hour per day and no more to spend trading, obviously that rules out football well inplay at least, this is just to maintain my focus for just one hour and learn to accept whatever the market is offering. Then come away and have a think about how my session has gone, what I can learn from it and take into the next session, also I think that spending my free time either trading or thinking about trading isn't a healthy mindset to have, so that's another reason for not over trading. As time goes on I may review that with the help of one of the many professionals out there in the world of sports trading.

Good luck to yourselves.

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