Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Day Twelve

I started out on today's goal by setting up a CS trade on Birmingham 2-0 scoreline, I backed £100@8.2 and staggered my lay bets in £20 from 8.0 downwards, only a couple of them were matched and I ended up -£5 on all scores and went on to back the 0-0 as only the high scores were drifting and the under's were coming in so it pointed to low scoring game so I backed £95 @ 11.0 and progressively laid off as the odds fell, I then went on to trade the 0-0 and 1-1 again HT but one went right and one went wrong so they offset each other, so I finished on 5% up for the day.

No horse race trading as no time, but look forward to lighter nights and evening racing coming in, so mainly will focus on pre match trading and at HT but trading inplay when I choose the right strategy with the help of betting system notes and picking the odd couple of horse race scalps per day as time dictates. As a side note to trading but have you tried oddsfutures yet, you get a 20 bonus when you sign up with just €10 so good luck

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