Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day Six

With the weather playing havoc with the racing, it was lucky that Kempton went on into the evening to give me more opportunity to trade. I did manage to get 2.5% over four races and was planning to scalp a couple of football matches at HT, which went as follows QPR v Villa (CS) -£1.06 and B'burn v Newc +£1.07, not ironic that the amounts are so similar because the CS markets score odds are at similar levels at HT, due to time decaying markets (something I learn't about today, I think). A positive step forwards but did expect a little more, but lets not get over excited as its still a long road yet.

OK edit some of the above, I have just dived into the Villa CS market and nicked a few ticks on the 2-2 when the market unsuspended while it settled and halved my loss to £0.50, so I am good for my 3%. Note I don't think I did that out of desperation to make my target but merely took advantage of the situation.

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