Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Day Twenty Six

Did the old faithful when I got back from work, having negotiated through some sheep on the motorway and managed to trade the horses again, I made about £15 and decided to have ago at laying the field in one race as there was only five runners, so I dutched two runners by laying them at around 6's for £3 and backed them higher in play for £2 to guarantee a £2 profit on any runner and then laid the field at 1.75 and and made a further £2 profit and locked in around £4, tried it again on the next race and lost £0.60 so went back to normal trading- result +£22.

Traded the game between Blackpool and West Ham, I did a mixture of U2.5/U4.5 and a bit of CS, locked in a profit on the under/over markets and was going well, but all didn't go to plan with the first two goals coming from West Ham, so for about 3% risk to my trading bank I made around 1% in total. Traded with the TF guys again, really enjoyed the company in their chat room. Still need guidance in my football trading and these guys are excellent at giving it.

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