Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Day Twenty

Good full card, shame about the jockey at Southwell getting injured and throwing those races out of line, with about a thirty minute delay, so the first one I got involved with was already subject to a delay a didn't realise at the time that there was a problem, still plenty of coverage for Bet Angel as they sponsored the whole meeting. 

With plenty of races came plenty of opportunities, leading me nicely onto a comment I got on twitter yesterday- 'you put that you've learnt how to put your money through the markets but say what you're doing? could you give some more info?' from Andy on twitter.
What I do is start with a stake of 5% of my trading bank and will either place a lay follow by a back or a back followed by a lay- eg If I place £10 lay at 5 and then place a £10  back at 5.1 I will have made 0.1 times my stake, in this case £1 on this runner but if you divide the £1 by the current lay odds for will have made around £0.20, if you can repeat this process many times before a race you can lock in a profit before the race has even begun, that is the basic idea of horse race scalp trading in a nut shell, many articles have been wrote before and there may even be one in the title bar above. 

On a personal note again I have made another 10%, although this gain is fantastic I am extending the gap between my current day (20) and my trading bank total (64) so although this could allow me to finish my challenge early, this is not my intention but I do plan to start withdraw a little each week until the gaps between current and project trading day are nearly the same.

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