Friday, 24 February 2012

Markets Suspended

With regards my daily blogging activities and how I am trading, I am suspending, whilst I will still blog in the future, I will not be putting myself under the pressure of publicly display my targets, gains or increases on my trading for the day so to speak.

I think I may of aimed too high too soon and will be looking to work with a more modest trading bank of a few hundred pounds, until I feel in my mind I am able to use that amount of money effectively and confidently, also without going into the 'snow ball' effect where I feel I should be winning more and more each day, I will be attaining such a level and staying on a plateau until such time I feel comfortable.

I did have a spreadsheet showing daily increases until I hit the £5000 figure and after my first big loss last week, I went on to revise it and that became my target for around November this year, then suffering my second loss this week I have decided that targets are nothing but a way of increasing the pressure on myself and have will now take each day as it comes. Just mentioning my big losses this week I wasn't in a red position at all when it came to going inplay with my bets I feel it was just born out of greed and trying to win more than I did the day before. 

So still blogging but not on the same note as I was previously but will still be sharing my experiences with you.

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