Thursday, 9 February 2012

Day Fourteen

So Fabio has resigned and what are the media trying to stir us into, I mean is it not the sane set of media that build the players up and set them on the highest of pedestals and whip up the fans into believing we can go and win a tournament, just to knock them down before, during and after each tournament. We will only be changing manager and not drafting in XI new world class players, I sincerely hope that Harry Redknapp  doesn't take the England managers job as gundulf said yesterday this is a prestigious footballing job but to think the way press treat the England manager I think the cons far out weigh the pros, also Paddy Power have already paid out so would love it to go to someone else for that reason also.

No time for any trading today apart from another pre match trade on the Lazio game but it is still a 1% gain on the bank, I set this up before bed last night for a £100 back @ 7.8 but only £50 or so was matched and I laid off @ 7.6, when figures involved become a bit more substantial I think rather than hedge at the current market price, I will be using them in conjunction with an inplay football strategy and try to eek a bit more of a return for my efforts.

Horse racing is really being battered by the weather and hopefully the 'all weather' (lol) will hold out and be taken by the snow again. I am expecting to see a 'spike' in my profits through the next week or so as its half term for my kids and I have taken the week off to spend time with them but I'm sure I can devote sometime to betfair also.

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