Friday, 17 February 2012

Day Twentytwo

Well I suppose they come to most people, but sometimes you have a choice of losing or not and it was me who took and me who decided to go inplay to get 'more' profits and I would put it down to nothing but greed on my part, I could have done nothing and moved on to the next race, I can't even remember what kind of position I had before the off. Anyway I call it the 'snowball' because as you bank grows so do the profits and so does your bank and so do the profits and..... you get the drift, the bigger the bank the bigger the profits and the easier it is for greed in me to take over, I have had days like this before where you want a bigger bank faster and I have also imploded and lost before, but I may have lost two thirds of my trading bank, but I am still well in front and I can also be thankful its profit in betfair and not physically my own as yet, well mentally it lessens the impact if I think of it in that manner.

So I took a break for a couple of races feeling quite sorry for myself and reflecting on what had happened and just got back to the PC and carried on trading, I managed to recoup a portion of my losses but still ended the day down by -£176 but looking at my spreadsheet and week on week I am only £31 down but have yet again learn't one hell of lesson, I'm sure I've read somewhere that I should put post-its of the wall to remind me of f@ck ups and when you can't see the wall its time to stop, but I think I'm safe to carry on for now.
Just looking at betfair for the weekend and seems to be plenty of horse racing to go at, so lets just do that and keep going.

PS thanks to robbo and the guys in the trading football chat room again today.


  1. Keep up the good work and keep posting, it is a great read. We have all been there, would not believe you if it all went to plan.

  2. Thanks Terry, your right it wouldn't be right without a few hiccups along the way, proves that trading is about the mental side than anything else.

  3. keep plugging away mate, at least you didnt go on tilt and lose the lot

  4. Yeah I know thanks Robbo, I've recovered nearly half of it now, but there's no rush as there is always tomorrow. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Yeah, happens to us all mate. Had a monster loss about 10 mins before i left for my works Xmas party in Dec (approx £600), great timing for that one last trading op before I left! Tried not too let it get me down and got smashed!!! The weather then wrote off most of the chances to 'get it back' for a good few weeks! Horrible feeling, knaws away at you until you recover.


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