Sunday, 19 February 2012

Day Twenty Four

I'm still battling back my big loss on Friday, but took it steady today and traded every race, yes all 22 of them and came out at the other end with £38, not a bad return at nearly £10 per hour, a lot more per hour than some real jobs, but I can't realise the profit out of betfair just yet as there is a hell of a lot of bank building to be getting on with.
Anyway today has restored my confidence in my abilities and now just need to learn how to cap my enthusiasm/curb my greed and maintain the same discipline as we come back, because until I have recovered all the loss I don't think I will be able to feel like we are making further progress.

Back to the real world tomorrow and back to my real job, the school holidays are over and I may only be able to trade a couple of races per day now, will have a look later, but there is champions league football that I can trade with these guys.

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