Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day Nineteen

Another tremendous day trading on the betting exchange, I have started to learn how to put my money through the markets, even though I have only been using 5% stakes from my £200 bank I turned over more than £100 backing and £100 laying in the first race today, rather than earn the £1 a race I have previously been looking for I made £2.67 in that race and my biggest win was £4.03 and lowest was a £0.95 loss.
Nice that there was more than one market but a shame that folkstone was cancelled this morning. I finished horse race trading with a profit at the end of £22.84, later on I decided to get involved in some football and had a bit of chat in the Trading Football chat room, they offer great advice and guidance, but I decided to go it alone and ended up -£2 down on the football, if only I'd followed the crowd as there matches had goals going in everywhere. So tomorrow night I will be following the lads in their. Update I layed the 0-0 @ 1.2 and obviously it finished 0-0 and cost me a further £1. So a 9.3% trading bank increase.
Good day that was.


  1. Can You please add my blog http://jimmythegreek-makingmoney.blogspot.com/


  2. Hi James

    I've added your blog to my list, I trust you will do the same, if your blog doesn't show on my blog roll its because I've shortened the display to only the ten current blogs, so keep it updated and I look forward to following your trading, very diversified by the way.



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