Sunday, 12 February 2012

Day Seventeen

These days of my trading challenge are soon racking up now, I have been going now for over two weeks and should have a bank of £62.58 if I had been increasing at 3% per day, but as I have been able to increase at a better rate each day I have nearly three time the projected amount and if I had trade for 3% a day it would of taken until day 57 to reach that amount I have now. So where I am impressed with myself is the gains I have made and stability in the way I have approached my trading each day, whether that be horse race scalping or pre match trading of football from my Iphone during the normal working day.

I made some notes today whilst trading to enable me to share some of my thoughts with you, they included-

  • Maintaining composure, learning that losses are an inevitable part of trading- accept them and move on.
  • As above I wasn't phased during the 1415 race where I had worked myself into a -£1.88 loss but managed to turn it around to a £1.95 profit.
  • Being decisive and acting on what you can see in front of you.
  • Contradiction to point above is being decisive but being cautious.
With one of the meetings cancelled today it left plenty of time between some races, I have managed to resist temptation and don't feel like I need to get involved just because there is market in front of me, patience and discipline in me are really developing now. One last race left of the day left and going to take £1 or so out of it.

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