Friday, 10 February 2012

Day Fifteen Update

I stopped for a break straight after the last post, but I came back to trading horses as there were two evening meetings, thought I might as well make hay while the sunshine's or maybe while the snows not falling that is. I picked up where I left off and continued with the £100 stakes and mostly did OK, unbelievable to think that I could make £5 or more per race if I could get it right in my mind, but sports trading is a long road and increasing my stakes ten-fold in a day feels like I have skipped a few pages in the instruction manual.
Where I started trading with 10% stake of my bank and have recently plateaued at £10 while I am between £100 and £200 bank level and then continue increasing with 5% of my trading bank, this is a gradual increase each day and not ten-fold like I mentioned, so it was good while it lasted and made a tasty 35% of my bank I plan to bring myself back down to earth tomorrow and revert to normal discipline.

In other news I have got a pre match trade on Man Utd v Liverpool on the 2-0 scoreline, not concerned whether or not it will be this score as I should hopefully be greened up and in profit before KO as this is not a trade I would take inplay as a goal from Liverpool would wipe out my stake and I'm not risking that, saying that there are ways to offset, like laying Man Utd in NG market as a goal from Mancs you can lay 2-0 at lower odds or a goal from Scouse and you lose CS but win in the NG market, no goal and the 2-0 would shorten to get matched and NG would drift slightly, so you would be green in both markets. However this is not something I will be taking on as I don't experienced enough as yet. Kind of got the theory and still learning the practical a bit at a time.

Quick side note- really enjoy the twittering with other traders, I have far from made it but it feels great giving out advice to help people on with their trading. @newsportstrader

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